New Pizazz Pixel kit and Scraplift Challenge

I have some new and exciting things to share with you today. 

First of all Pizazz Pixels has a new kit out called  “Gatsby Glamour and Glitz. “  As part of me being on the CT I received this kit and was asked to produce some layouts that have now become some of my most beloved treasures.  Here is the “Gatsby Glamour and Glitz. “ kit, that she released on May 31st in her shop at Wilma4Ever.  This kit is a classic, elegant and sophisticated kit.  Great for those older photos if you have them to scrapbook.  Or even better if you have photo’s that you want to stand out!  This kit works great for doing all that and more!   







And now Annemarie with Pizazz Pixels is hosting her first June 2013 Scraplift Challenge at Wilma4Ever

This is exciting news all on it’s own, but there is more.  Pizazz Pixels has asked to use one of my layouts for her very first scraplift challenge!  Isn’t that great news? Be sure to come by and take part or at least stop by just to see my layout there in the forum!  Here is the link to the challenge, and the link of the announcement on her blog.   Participation prizes are available to those who come to play.  Rules and challenge requirements can be found posted in the forum

Here are the three layouts that I sent Pizazz Pixels, can you guess which she chose to be used for the Scraplift Challenge?


My husband and I  on our wedding day.


Kit – Gatsby Glitz and Glamour by Pizazz Pixels

Square around frame by Basic Brdrs endless deep

Left hand border brushes by Josweb Swirles #474

Font – Pea Dawns, Bernhard Fashion


Great Grandma


Kit – Gatsby Glitz and Glamour by Pizazz Pixels

Fonts – Better Heather, and Algerian

A Oregon local winery.


Kit – Gatsby Glitz and Glamour by Pizazz Pixels

Damask Bsilvia Lite small – small dots around square frame border

Decorative 87 by Diana – flowers around frame

Font Title-Pea Colton, and  Journaling- Nueva Std.

So have you guessed which one would be the best to scraplift?  If you picked the third layout you got it!  She liked it from the very start and thought it would be a great Scraplift Challenge Layout!  Thank you Annemarie for using my layout!

Thanks for coming by!

Kristine    beedee_YBD_butterfly2_sh

Butterfly from Beedeesigns


New Digi home and challenge

Hi,I was thinking it might be cool to tell you of a digital scrapbooking community I happened upon over the weekend.  It is Pixel Scrapper Digital Scrapbooking.  It is a really cool place to play.  It is all based on points.  All of the items that you obtain are free, you can buy items or should I say “donate” as they put it.  They have an awesome collection of high quality scrapbooking tools if you are a designer, and scrapbooking kits if you are not.  You can get just one element or an entire kit so that is one twist.  But it goes further in that, it is a complete twist from the regular community setting that I really like.  They have it set up for you to earn points and spend your points and by participating in the community you earn more points to spend.  All to keep bandwidth at an even keel and to continue doing what they love.  Ingenious!  I like it because you get  rewarded by points for giving feedback to others as well as other things.  It seems, it is always a problem in other communities that I have participated.  I can’t even begin to explain it all but the have directions there that are clear and concise.  The blog is super cool, and so is the Newsletter and Forum so don’t forget to check out Pixel Scrapper Digital Scrapbooking!  I hope you like them as much as I do!

So now that I have this new home I will be frequenting, I am thinking I will still find one more place to do a little more Art Journaling.  I haven’t decided yet on where that will be.  It is between about six or so different sites.  I really like The Lillypad, Out of the Box Designs, Scrapbooking Graphics and The Sweet Shop for right now.  I will let you know when I know.  Too many choices for sure!

Here is a layout that I posted for the Golden Ticket Challenge at DST.  I am telling you a little late because today is the deadline.  I finished it a few weeks ago.  I love the way it turned out, and of course I love my subject matter! 🙂  I used digital materials from six scrapbook designers that I have listed at DST in the gallery.

My love bug

Have a great month of April,  later!

Life got in the way!

I told you last time that I was wanting to enter the OSD The Art Journal Challenge.  I did get the page done (mostly) and then didn’t have time to post it.  That’s the pits!  I am going to post it here anyway but I feel it still needs something added to it.  I haven’t been able to find that little something that it needs.  I will add to it someday when that little something jumps out at me.  Perhaps you might have an idea for me?

Challenge #1 that  I didn't enter!

Challenge #1 that I didn’t enter!

The Loft

The Loft


















The winners of Challenge #1 are here.  So challenge #2 I will give it another go.  This link will take you directly to this weeks challenge.  “Challenge #2”  This weeks challenge is due by 2/9/13, I’m very happy to give it another try.

Have a nice Sunday in your home as I plan to do today.  Even if it is helping my sweetheart of a son with his homework.  You take what you can get when they start getting too busy for family time.  🙂

Kristine 🙂