40 Days of Scrapping Purpose Journal Posts

Hi there it has been a long while and the holidays are all over.  I haven’t been feeling very well so time has flown by as well I have gotten nearly nothing done in the mean time.

First off we are getting towards the end of the month when Mye Deleon’s new baby Alphonse is needing our help.  He was born with a hole in his heart, and is scheduled to have surgery in February.  They need help raising money for the surgery for the new little angel.  I will just add a couple of links here so you can see for yourself.

An Innocent Heart at Digital Scrapbooking Studio  Coordinating products also available at the following sites: A Cherry on Top, Artisan Scrap Designers, Hunnybee Design, Romajo’s Scrap Shop, Scrap Art Studio, Scrap Takeout  and Pixels and Company.  Direct donations are also gratefully accepted.  There are nine days left and a lot to go yet.  Here is the where things stand.  GOAL  and here is Mye Deleon website  if you wish to learn more about little Alphonse.

I have looked at the OSD (One Story Down) “The Loft Journal Challenge” over there for the next few weeks.  I am unsure of how long this one lasts.   But it looks like a lot of fun and what is life about anyway.  FUN……  Right?

ODS Loft Challenge #1

ODS Loft Challenge #1

And last I decided to post the “Divine Digital 40 Days of Scrapping Purpose” journal pages here since it seems like you have to register before you are able to see them in the gallery.   If you are going to do some of these yourself there are still fifteen more days will be released.  You can start anywhere in the process really and they should all be available to buy in the boutique eventually, I haven’t seen the first 23 in there but I may have overlooked them.   But really all you need are the instructions posted with the download to take part and the link here will take you to those daily prompts.  From here on out I will post my pages as I get them done.  They have been a lot of fun to do.  Oh and I thought I would share with you that I got “Layout of the Day” on day 21 which I have centered below and states “My Journey”.   I was so happy to be recognized for “Layout of the Day!” This page took a long time and was a very special posting.

Kristine 🙂

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”40 Days of SCRAPPING Purpose” by Royanna Fritschmann

Hi there, the new challenge is here, and well worth the wait I am sure!  The “40 Days of Scrapping Purpose” begins today!  Each day for 40 days a Quote of the day, a challenge and a free mini kit is given to use.  The mini kit is only available for 24 hours each time.  After ever 10 pages that get posted, you earn a free exclusive kit and coupons for Royanna’s Boutique.  What a treat.  I am starting right away.  I will post my layout each day for the next 40 as long as I can keep up that is.  I am a novice at this in some respects.  It isn’t always easy to get to this each day.  Here is scoop.

”40 Days of SCRAPPING Purpose”
by Royanna Fritschmann
Saturday, September 15 – October 24, 2012!

Day 1 | September 15, 2012


“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain
an artist once he grows up.” ― Pablo Picasso

and here is the Challenge:
-Create a 1 Page Layout
-Include Title “I Am An Artist”
-Include a photo
of yourself in the page
-Include Journaling about what unique quality makes you an artist
-I encourage you to use the Event Colors found in the event

If you don’t do this yourself, I hope you follow along and enjoy watching what everyone does submit to the gallery at Divine Digital.

Thanks so much,  Kristine 🙂