New Pizazz Pixel kit and Scraplift Challenge

I have some new and exciting things to share with you today. 

First of all Pizazz Pixels has a new kit out called  “Gatsby Glamour and Glitz. “  As part of me being on the CT I received this kit and was asked to produce some layouts that have now become some of my most beloved treasures.  Here is the “Gatsby Glamour and Glitz. “ kit, that she released on May 31st in her shop at Wilma4Ever.  This kit is a classic, elegant and sophisticated kit.  Great for those older photos if you have them to scrapbook.  Or even better if you have photo’s that you want to stand out!  This kit works great for doing all that and more!   







And now Annemarie with Pizazz Pixels is hosting her first June 2013 Scraplift Challenge at Wilma4Ever

This is exciting news all on it’s own, but there is more.  Pizazz Pixels has asked to use one of my layouts for her very first scraplift challenge!  Isn’t that great news? Be sure to come by and take part or at least stop by just to see my layout there in the forum!  Here is the link to the challenge, and the link of the announcement on her blog.   Participation prizes are available to those who come to play.  Rules and challenge requirements can be found posted in the forum

Here are the three layouts that I sent Pizazz Pixels, can you guess which she chose to be used for the Scraplift Challenge?


My husband and I  on our wedding day.


Kit – Gatsby Glitz and Glamour by Pizazz Pixels

Square around frame by Basic Brdrs endless deep

Left hand border brushes by Josweb Swirles #474

Font – Pea Dawns, Bernhard Fashion


Great Grandma


Kit – Gatsby Glitz and Glamour by Pizazz Pixels

Fonts – Better Heather, and Algerian

A Oregon local winery.


Kit – Gatsby Glitz and Glamour by Pizazz Pixels

Damask Bsilvia Lite small – small dots around square frame border

Decorative 87 by Diana – flowers around frame

Font Title-Pea Colton, and  Journaling- Nueva Std.

So have you guessed which one would be the best to scraplift?  If you picked the third layout you got it!  She liked it from the very start and thought it would be a great Scraplift Challenge Layout!  Thank you Annemarie for using my layout!

Thanks for coming by!

Kristine    beedee_YBD_butterfly2_sh

Butterfly from Beedeesigns


A Very Special Woman

A most beautiful lady inside and out!

A most beautiful woman inside and out!

I am writing today in memory of a very special woman to me.  I am going to miss her dearly in my life.  She wasn’t always around me physically (living across the state) but I always knew that she was thinking of me and had so much love for me and all of those around her.  This wonderful woman was my Great Aunt Carol.

As I mentioned in my earlier blog that I am on a Creative Team for Pizazz Pixels.  I sent Annemarie this page today.  I am not sure that she will post it today but I posted today because I just found out they are having a service for her this very moment; and most importantly it was My Aunt Carol’s birthday today.  So I wanted to post this in her memory.

Happy Birthday Aunt Carol, I love you and will see you again someday!



I couldn’t believe it….

Hi there,

I went to buy something at the digital store OSD  One Story Down the other night when the store wouldn’t open!  At the time I thought they were just updating.  Then a few days later I went to a blog that sells at ODS where she announced that OSD went down and their back up didn’t work either.  So they are down until they completely rebuild their site.  Wow!  Just as I was getting started with the OSD The Loft challenge.  So The Loft Journal Challenges are on hold until further notice.

And Divine Digital is really closing down this next week on the 28th of February.  A real big bummer!  On the plus side maybe I won’t download as much digital content from here on out? 

I am working diligently on finding a new home/forum to spend time in.  So far this is the list I am working from. 

My Scrapbook Art  I love this place too.  They have a great newsletter that exposes me to new designers.  As well they also have a featured designer and a Art Scocial Collab that they offer each month for a really good price.  This is one place I plan to continue to frequent but need to look into the forum.

Sweet Shoppe Designs I love this place but haven’t visited the forum here.  I do love the designers here though.

Deviant Scrap  This place is awesome if you are looking to Art Journal, I haven’t visited the forum here yet but plan to.

One Story Down   This link isn’t working as of now but should work again soon. (I hope)  I was really liking the company “Creative Thinking” I haven’t found that they are selling anywhere else yet.

Scrapflower  This store closed in October or November of last year only to re-open the beginning of February.  Afraid to start where it could close again?

Scrap Orchard  I haven’t spent much time here to see all the designers.  They do have a daily freebie that they send out via the newsletter.

The Lillypad  I have a designer or two I like here but not shopped here much.

The Daily Digi  This is one of my homes that I plan to keep.  I love this place and pay $7.00 a month to get new designs each month.

Gotta Pixel  This has some good designers but not been to the forum.

Shabby Shoppe  I have been here for the free downloads, they are beautiful.  But I will be looking to see what designers are here and if I like them.

Designer Digitals  I have been here but find it a bit expensive.

Studio et Designs @ Scrapbookgraphics  – Studio Girls  I am loving the art journal types of designers they have there.  Like Captivated Visions, Tangie Baxter, Dawn Inskip and Viva Artistry.  There are so many wonderful designers there I have only listed a few that I have gotten familiar with recently.

Digital Scrapbook Places  This was the very first place I went when I got my Bamboo Pen.  They are responsible for all of my hard drives of digital artwork.  They have great tutorials and great desingers.  I just feel they are a little expensive too.

Peppermint Creative  They have the coolest list of Scrapbook Phrases available. This is unique to scrapbooking stores I have seen.

Digital Scrapbook Art

Weeds and Wildflowers  Not shopped here.

Oscraps  Has great designers here, and they have a monthly freebie.

Mscraps  This site also has great designers and a montly freebie as well.

Jessica Sprague  This site has great artists, classes to join.  I haven’t gone to the forum yet.

Digital Scrapbooking Studio  this site has a bunch of good designers, the forum is exciting, and they have a designer contest every year.

Digi Style Designs   This place has a few of my Divine digital designers that are moving.

Southern Comfort Scraps   This place has a few of my Divine digital designers that are moving.

Wilma4Ever    This place has a few of my Divine digital designers that are moving.

Ivy Scraps    This place has a few of my Divine digital designers that are moving.

There are so many more stores out there with really good qualities.  Even these I have listed have great qualities about them that I haven’t listed.  I made this list so I could get to them quickly to further my research.  Perhaps you might take a look at them too if you are looking for a new place to call home.  Let me know if there are any links that need fixed. 

Kristine 🙂

A couple more layouts submitted.


I thought it had been a few weeks since I last published here.  And I have entered two more layouts.  I will post them  below.

Most recently I used a beautiful kit called “Color in Dark Places”  by Andrea Gold Designs.  It is a really beautiful kit that I just had to buy the second I saw it.  Right now it you can find it at Divine Digital but after the 28th of February that will no longer be the case.  Divine Digital is closing its doors.  Everyone is so very disappointed, but it is in the best interest of the owner that this takes place.  They will all be missed!

Divine Diva Challenge Kit

Divine Diva Challenge Kit

Here is the kit that I created with just the paper and embellishments.  I didn’t buy the glitter or clusters that you can also buy at the link provided above.


Here is what I used:
Andrea Gold Color in Dark Places
Andrea Gold Bold Browns Cowboy-Roses
Cornelia Designs Sew it on Love Tags
Vector Flower Brush11 yashy.chan
Font-Bolton Titling Elongated

Now I will update you on the progress with ODS “The ArtLoft Challenge”  They announced the winner and posted those on the 10th.  And then posted Week 3’s new challenge.  First here is my week 2 submission.  I wasn’t very happy with it.  Next time I will do better.

Challenge 2


So now I will post the announcement and the winners.  They did a wonderful job!

Winners of OSD The Loft Challenge.

Winners of OSD The Loft Challenge.

challenge_2 winner

Challenge #3

SS_Challenge3_Swatch_zps1adc3737 SS_Challenge3_Preview_zpsdf4d71ec

Now the new challenge #3 and the items they are giving us for the challenge.

 This will be very interesting to say the least.  Hopefully I will be in a better “place” this week for us to use.  The project isn’t due until 2/24/13 but that always seems to sneak upon me.

If you want to take part visit “the loft “ to get your download and instructions.

Thanks for stopping by to see what is going on.  I have had a flu bug and some ongoing health issues so I have taken it easy lately.  I hope you come back to see if I can pull off a win at the l loft!  hehehe (wishful thinking) 🙂

Kristine ♥

”40 Days of SCRAPPING Purpose” by Royanna Fritschmann

Hi there, the new challenge is here, and well worth the wait I am sure!  The “40 Days of Scrapping Purpose” begins today!  Each day for 40 days a Quote of the day, a challenge and a free mini kit is given to use.  The mini kit is only available for 24 hours each time.  After ever 10 pages that get posted, you earn a free exclusive kit and coupons for Royanna’s Boutique.  What a treat.  I am starting right away.  I will post my layout each day for the next 40 as long as I can keep up that is.  I am a novice at this in some respects.  It isn’t always easy to get to this each day.  Here is scoop.

”40 Days of SCRAPPING Purpose”
by Royanna Fritschmann
Saturday, September 15 – October 24, 2012!

Day 1 | September 15, 2012


“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain
an artist once he grows up.” ― Pablo Picasso

and here is the Challenge:
-Create a 1 Page Layout
-Include Title “I Am An Artist”
-Include a photo
of yourself in the page
-Include Journaling about what unique quality makes you an artist
-I encourage you to use the Event Colors found in the event

If you don’t do this yourself, I hope you follow along and enjoy watching what everyone does submit to the gallery at Divine Digital.

Thanks so much,  Kristine 🙂

Journal Junque Kit and Event Announcement

Trunk Junk

“Trunk Junk” by Studio RA Designs

Happy Monday, I am writing today about a new kit that I really like.  The kit is “Trunk Junk” and is an inspiring art journal kit to bring your pages to LIFE!  Created by Royanna Fritschmann with Studio RA Designs.  This kit was given to each of us for participating in the Journal Junque Event that took place from the 16-30th or so.  Purchased the new kit here it is on sale now.  Isn’t it beautiful?  I really think it will be a fun kit to use.  It is a huge full kit with 16 separate files to download but really worth the effort if you like this type of style.   She has also provided all 30 days of word art that we used for the Journal Junque Challenge.  You can find the Word Art  in her boutique if you want them for you own journal art.

Next! I have some information on the new launch of “40 Days of Scrapping Purpose”  It is an inspirational series also on why we scrap and the purpose of us leaving a legacy behind.  This has also been designed by Royanna Fritschmann.  This will begin on September 15th, 2012.  Watch here for further information Forum at Divine Digital.  Otherwise check back here and I will try to keep everyone updated.  I am looking forward to this event very much!  I think it will be a challenge just keeping up on 40 days of something alone.  If you know what I mean.:)


Kristine 🙂