Amusment Park Memories

Hey, it’s been a while since I last posted but it is summer time and I have found that time is going by way too fast!  I have three layouts to post today using the latest and greatest kit from Pizazz Pixels called Dreaming of a Mouse.  This kit would be absolutely perfect for those Disney Land or Disney World photo’s!  But, I have one of those kids that doesn’t like amusement rides and would rather be at a baseball game than go to an amusement park.  He never has liked the rides and is a teen now and he hasn’t even gone to the local county fair since we took him there around the age of four.  Sad……

So here are some 6 Flags Magic Kingdom photos from a family vacation we took so long ago.  In fact I wanted to remember the name of the big killer whale that we saw when we were there.  I looked it up online and found that the killer whale Shouka had lunged at her trainer almost one year ago today.  They finally moved her to San Diego’s Sea World on August 21st, 2012.  She had been left alone without companionship and killer whale’s don’t like being alone is why she probably became aggressive.  My son really enjoyed her show so much that he even preformed himself when we returned to the hotel pool that night.



You can find this kit and many others at Pizazz Pixel’s three stores located here:

Digi Style Designs

Southern Comfort Scraps


I hope you are having a fabulous summertime, school and everything that goes along with that is just around the corner.  Treasure those last fun summer time memories you have with your children.

beedee_YBD_butterfly2_sh Kristine 🙂


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