Life got in the way!

I told you last time that I was wanting to enter the OSD The Art Journal Challenge.  I did get the page done (mostly) and then didn’t have time to post it.  That’s the pits!  I am going to post it here anyway but I feel it still needs something added to it.  I haven’t been able to find that little something that it needs.  I will add to it someday when that little something jumps out at me.  Perhaps you might have an idea for me?

Challenge #1 that  I didn't enter!

Challenge #1 that I didn’t enter!

The Loft

The Loft


















The winners of Challenge #1 are here.  So challenge #2 I will give it another go.  This link will take you directly to this weeks challenge.  “Challenge #2”  This weeks challenge is due by 2/9/13, I’m very happy to give it another try.

Have a nice Sunday in your home as I plan to do today.  Even if it is helping my sweetheart of a son with his homework.  You take what you can get when they start getting too busy for family time.  🙂

Kristine 🙂


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