Journal Junque Kit and Event Announcement

Trunk Junk

“Trunk Junk” by Studio RA Designs

Happy Monday, I am writing today about a new kit that I really like.  The kit is “Trunk Junk” and is an inspiring art journal kit to bring your pages to LIFE!  Created by Royanna Fritschmann with Studio RA Designs.  This kit was given to each of us for participating in the Journal Junque Event that took place from the 16-30th or so.  Purchased the new kit here it is on sale now.  Isn’t it beautiful?  I really think it will be a fun kit to use.  It is a huge full kit with 16 separate files to download but really worth the effort if you like this type of style.   She has also provided all 30 days of word art that we used for the Journal Junque Challenge.  You can find the Word Art  in her boutique if you want them for you own journal art.

Next! I have some information on the new launch of “40 Days of Scrapping Purpose”  It is an inspirational series also on why we scrap and the purpose of us leaving a legacy behind.  This has also been designed by Royanna Fritschmann.  This will begin on September 15th, 2012.  Watch here for further information Forum at Divine Digital.  Otherwise check back here and I will try to keep everyone updated.  I am looking forward to this event very much!  I think it will be a challenge just keeping up on 40 days of something alone.  If you know what I mean.:)


Kristine 🙂


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