My first submission

This post is a bit late but I still wanted to post my journal pages that I submitted to Divine Digital’s Journal Junque event that took place last week.  There are a lot of really great pages posted at Divine Digital’s Journal Junque Gallery.  However my pages didn’t get posted within the Journal Junque Gallery so my pages are found here.  There are seven pages in all so if you move to the left from where the link lands you will see all of my pages there.  This was so much fun and really was a timely class for me!  A big thanks to Royanna Fritschmann/Studio RA Designs the most wonderful designer and founder of one of my favorite places to play Divine Digital.  She is planning to have another event similar to this one in mid September so if you are at all  interested check back in later.  I will post the information when I hear about it.

I hope you had a great Labor Day holiday weekend, unfortunately our summer is over and we get to go back to the life of going to bed early, going to school, and lots of homework!

Kristine 🙂


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